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Common Strategies Coaches Use During Football Matches

 SrategiesCoaches of football teams come up with strategies that will make them win their game. There are common strategies already known by the public, especially published by various football news media, and almost every football enthusiasts know about it, but it will not prove effective if the fighting power of each player in the team is weak, and their teamwork is sketchy. Even if the strategy is a common one, without proper team effort and the will to win the game together, the effectiveness of the strategy is nil. Bolton Wanderers Foot Ball Club has also employed strategies and has drilled it to their members, whether they are a part of the official team or not. Strategies can give teams a huge advantage on the attacking and defensive styles while on play. The coach will be the one choosing a strategy bearing in mind two factors: perceiving the weaknesses and strengths of the opposing team and knowing the strengths of each of their own players.


This is a strategy created to give the team players greater control over the game. The system short passing is utilized throughout this strategy, sometimes combined with the slow tempo, in order to reject the opposition’s possession over the ball. This strategy is also considered highly technical, which requires players that are very skillful and has good awareness over the team when they are out playing in the field.                Srategies

 Long Ball

Among all strategies in football, long ball is the most basic of them. The ball is passed on from the defense position to attack position in a situation where players can directly maneuver their play. This is accompanied with long and lofted passes, which sometimes bypasses altogether its midfield. This is most effective at times when the entire team possesses the physically strong and tall striker or forward. This player utilizes their strength and height in order to gather the long ball or get the ball to directly pass it on to a supporting player.

 Wing Play

SrategiesThis strategy concentrates on playing on the ball down wide on two sides of the field. Two of the major reasons that this strategy is implemented are: teams that have talented and quick wide midfielders or wingers are given more opportunity with the ball so that they can maximize the strategy’s effectiveness. The second reason is when the coach spots a weakness in their opponent’s defense, which can be exposed by attacking down with the wings.

 Counter Attack

This strategy is highly effective on teams that have players who have very fast attacking Srategiesskills. This is implemented as the weakness has been exposed, and the opposing team has let down their guard, even for a tiny second. The defending team will move forward in the fastest way possible in an attempt to catch the opposing team off guard.

 Bolton Wanderers Foot Ball Club has also familiarized themselves on other strategies, which include Overlap, Closing Down, and Offside Trap. There are times that no matter how effective and smooth going the strategy is during the game, one player down may have a negative effect on it, bringing the other players down.

Common Injuries in Football

 Common Injuries in FootballIf you are entering the Bolton Wanderers Football Club, this means that you are passionate in learning more about football, and at the same time you are also prepared for the risks that involves in it. Just like other sports games that involves team mates and running in the field, each player that participates in it are open to injuries. You should have at least seen a lot of football matches wherein two player’s legs are hitting each other accidentally, some kicking the head, arms, etc. But that is not all: muscle sprains are common, too, that is why stretching and other forms of exercises are performed prior to practices or official games. Some professional players have shared their bitter experiences of getting injured during the game through various football news. Some of them can return playing; others barely have enough chances to get to play again.

 The injuries sustained during the game are either called acute or traumatic injury; or the cumulative or overuse injury. The former is a kind of injury that has accumulated over time, adding stress to the soft tissues, joints and muscles without giving it enough time to heal. The start of this injury feels nagging pain or ache, small frequencies. But when they are not treated at an early stage, it can result into a debilitating injury. As with the traumatic or acute injuries, they happen through a sudden impact or force, leading to a pain unbearable and may need the player to withdraw from the game temporarily until the injury is identified.                   Common Injuries in Football

 Here are some of the common injuries that happen within the football game:

 Achilles Tendonitis. This is a kind of chronic injury that happens first from the overuse of the muscles. The pain is directly from the back of your ankle. Ignoring the pain will increase the risk of Achilles Tendon Rupture.

Ankle Sprains. This is the most common form or ankle injuries, which happens when there is tearing and stretching of the ligaments around the ankle joint.

 Hamstring Injury. A strain, tear or pull of the hamstrings are common injuries involving most of the runner athletes, which range from minor strains to a total muscle rupture at the thigh’s back.

 Concussion. This injury involves the head, which involves a sudden impact to it.

 Common Injuries in FootballIliotibial Band Syndrome. This is sometimes the result of a knee pain that is mostly felt outside or on the lower aspect of the knee.

 Groin Pull. The adductor or groin strain or pull happens when your inner thigh’s muscles are stretch too much beyond its limits.

 Blisters. These are sacks filled with fluid that grows on the skin’s surface, commonly around the feet or the hands.

Muscle Cramps. This is an intense and sudden pain in the muscle that caused by forcibly and involuntarily contracting a muscle, which never relaxes. It may be a bit similar to the side stitch.

 There are more injuries associated with playing football, and getting them during the game is inevitable. This happens most of the time, and most of them can be treated with the right therapy.

Best Exercises Before Playing Football

StraightEvery time the players are out in the field to play football, they do not engage in the game right away or any training or practice for that matter. They do some stretching first, then after that, play the game. Their stretching time depends on how long their practice or game will be, but each coach has his or her own set of regimen that every player in the team has to follow. In Bolton Wanderers Foot Ball Club, every member, even the most skillful ones, do the same routine. The following stretching exercises below are just generally what every football team you will meet will do, although there are other coaches that will add more stretching exercises if they see it worthy for their body.

 Standing Calf Stretch. The calf muscle runs through the back of the lower leg, which will be used constantly when running through the football field.

 Standing Quad Stretch. Often called as quads, the quadriceps are Straightcomposed of a number of muscles running along the thigh’s front. These are very powerful muscles that are used in kicking and sprinting, which often leads to cramping and fatigue.

Straight Iliotibial Band Stretch. The iliotibial band is made up of strong fibers that run through the exterior of the thigh, responsible for stabilizing the joints. If there is too much tightness or overuse, it may lead to irritation.

 Inner Thigh Stretch and Seated Groin. This is a very simple stretch, often addressed by many as the butterfly stretch, is a great stretching recommended for athletes that are playing court or field sports.

 Hip and Lower Back Stretch. This simple exercise of the muscles helps stretching the muscles of the hips, lower back and groin.

 Psoas and Hip Flexors Stretch. This is composed of muscles, which brings up the legs toward your trunk, bringing more force to your kick during the match.

 Lying Piriformis Stretch. This enhances the glutes’ piriformis muscle, but in this kind of exercise, you can Straightperform it in more than one form.

 Hip and Lower Back Stretch. This kind of simple stretch opens your hips while it stretches the groin, lower back and hips’ muscles.

 Seated Hamstring Stretch. This stretch kind of stretching exercise should be strong and at the same time loose enough so that it can endure the demands of kicking and running. This will also help maintain the hamstrings’’ length.

Straight Simple Shoulder Stretch. This will help loosen the tight should and open the chest prior to playing football.

 Stretching on the Achilles Tendon Heel. If the Achilles Tendon heel is fatigued, weak or tight, it will be prone to getting injuries. Make sure to keep it loose by stretching it.

 A number of these stretching exercises are also used in other forms of sports, mostly those that involve the field. Without prior stretching, it will only attract your body to injuries that may or may not leave permanent damage to your muscles. The Bolton Wanderers Foot Ball Club always stretch the players each time before they practice or actually play an official game.

Knowing What Football in the UK is Different

FootballPlaying football in the European soil is quite different from that in the US. One is how football is addressed to soccer, while in the US it is referred to their rugby game. Soccer or football is a very famous sports game that involves a lot of concentration, footwork, team effort and effective strategies. Just last year, the defeat of Brazil’s national football team was something never in their wildest imaginations that would happen, to think they would be defeated with a shocking score of 7-1, a record never seen before. Right now, Germany has taken the spotlight, while Brazil suffers defeat. But that is one of the old football news.

 In Bolton Wanderers Foot Ball Club, they follow the same rules and laws imposed on football all over the UK. They are officially named as “Laws of the Game”. The entire laws are described in detailed in FIFA’s official website, which goes about 150 pages. The laws total to 17.

 Field of Play – this is the field where the teams are going to play football. It can be done either on an artificial surface or a natural one, but it must come in a rectangular shape and the color green. The 2 long sides of this shape are called the touchlines, while the shorter ones are called goal lines. Just like basketball, the field is divided in half by its halfway line.

 Number of players – a single game comprises of two teams battling each other. Each team has a total of 11 players, Footballincluding the goalkeeper. The game will not start if either of the team has lower than 7 players.

 Ball – spherical shape, which is made of leather, measuring about 68 – 70 cm circumference with a specific pressure.

 Referee – the one who oversees and ensures the Laws of the Game.

 Equipment – all players are required to wear the proper uniform of their designated team: shinguards, footwear, stockings, shorts and a pair of jerseys.

 Asst. Referees – there are some games that have another referee, but it can only be at two assistant referees.

Football The entire game’s duration is played in two halves, each game lasts for 45 minutes. The interval of the half time should not exceed 15 minutes. But there will be exceptions, especially when it comes to the welfare of the players. The kickoff starts the play or when the goal has been made. The kickoff is done by one player, which is kicked forward from the center spot. This is when they start playing and applying the strategies their coach have given them.

 The sport of football can be either deadly or an enjoyable game. Many countries all over the world spend a fortune just training its players to become the best. This is why you witness some of the players crying when they are defeated in an international game because they treat this sport as their own religion. If you want to join a football club, try to find out if you are qualified for one.