Best Exercises Before Playing Football

StraightEvery time the players are out in the field to play football, they do not engage in the game right away or any training or practice for that matter. They do some stretching first, then after that, play the game. Their stretching time depends on how long their practice or game will be, but each coach has his or her own set of regimen that every player in the team has to follow. In Bolton Wanderers Foot Ball Club, every member, even the most skillful ones, do the same routine. The following stretching exercises below are just generally what every football team you will meet will do, although there are other coaches that will add more stretching exercises if they see it worthy for their body.

 Standing Calf Stretch. The calf muscle runs through the back of the lower leg, which will be used constantly when running through the football field.

 Standing Quad Stretch. Often called as quads, the quadriceps are Straightcomposed of a number of muscles running along the thigh’s front. These are very powerful muscles that are used in kicking and sprinting, which often leads to cramping and fatigue.

Straight Iliotibial Band Stretch. The iliotibial band is made up of strong fibers that run through the exterior of the thigh, responsible for stabilizing the joints. If there is too much tightness or overuse, it may lead to irritation.

 Inner Thigh Stretch and Seated Groin. This is a very simple stretch, often addressed by many as the butterfly stretch, is a great stretching recommended for athletes that are playing court or field sports.

 Hip and Lower Back Stretch. This simple exercise of the muscles helps stretching the muscles of the hips, lower back and groin.

 Psoas and Hip Flexors Stretch. This is composed of muscles, which brings up the legs toward your trunk, bringing more force to your kick during the match.

 Lying Piriformis Stretch. This enhances the glutes’ piriformis muscle, but in this kind of exercise, you can Straightperform it in more than one form.

 Hip and Lower Back Stretch. This kind of simple stretch opens your hips while it stretches the groin, lower back and hips’ muscles.

 Seated Hamstring Stretch. This stretch kind of stretching exercise should be strong and at the same time loose enough so that it can endure the demands of kicking and running. This will also help maintain the hamstrings’’ length.

Straight Simple Shoulder Stretch. This will help loosen the tight should and open the chest prior to playing football.

 Stretching on the Achilles Tendon Heel. If the Achilles Tendon heel is fatigued, weak or tight, it will be prone to getting injuries. Make sure to keep it loose by stretching it.

 A number of these stretching exercises are also used in other forms of sports, mostly those that involve the field. Without prior stretching, it will only attract your body to injuries that may or may not leave permanent damage to your muscles. The Bolton Wanderers Foot Ball Club always stretch the players each time before they practice or actually play an official game.