Common Injuries in Football

 Common Injuries in FootballIf you are entering the Bolton Wanderers Football Club, this means that you are passionate in learning more about football, and at the same time you are also prepared for the risks that involves in it. Just like other sports games that involves team mates and running in the field, each player that participates in it are open to injuries. You should have at least seen a lot of football matches wherein two player’s legs are hitting each other accidentally, some kicking the head, arms, etc. But that is not all: muscle sprains are common, too, that is why stretching and other forms of exercises are performed prior to practices or official games. Some professional players have shared their bitter experiences of getting injured during the game through various football news. Some of them can return playing; others barely have enough chances to get to play again.

 The injuries sustained during the game are either called acute or traumatic injury; or the cumulative or overuse injury. The former is a kind of injury that has accumulated over time, adding stress to the soft tissues, joints and muscles without giving it enough time to heal. The start of this injury feels nagging pain or ache, small frequencies. But when they are not treated at an early stage, it can result into a debilitating injury. As with the traumatic or acute injuries, they happen through a sudden impact or force, leading to a pain unbearable and may need the player to withdraw from the game temporarily until the injury is identified.                   Common Injuries in Football

 Here are some of the common injuries that happen within the football game:

 Achilles Tendonitis. This is a kind of chronic injury that happens first from the overuse of the muscles. The pain is directly from the back of your ankle. Ignoring the pain will increase the risk of Achilles Tendon Rupture.

Ankle Sprains. This is the most common form or ankle injuries, which happens when there is tearing and stretching of the ligaments around the ankle joint.

 Hamstring Injury. A strain, tear or pull of the hamstrings are common injuries involving most of the runner athletes, which range from minor strains to a total muscle rupture at the thigh’s back.

 Concussion. This injury involves the head, which involves a sudden impact to it.

 Common Injuries in FootballIliotibial Band Syndrome. This is sometimes the result of a knee pain that is mostly felt outside or on the lower aspect of the knee.

 Groin Pull. The adductor or groin strain or pull happens when your inner thigh’s muscles are stretch too much beyond its limits.

 Blisters. These are sacks filled with fluid that grows on the skin’s surface, commonly around the feet or the hands.

Muscle Cramps. This is an intense and sudden pain in the muscle that caused by forcibly and involuntarily contracting a muscle, which never relaxes. It may be a bit similar to the side stitch.

 There are more injuries associated with playing football, and getting them during the game is inevitable. This happens most of the time, and most of them can be treated with the right therapy.