Common Strategies Coaches Use During Football Matches

 SrategiesCoaches of football teams come up with strategies that will make them win their game. There are common strategies already known by the public, especially published by various football news media, and almost every football enthusiasts know about it, but it will not prove effective if the fighting power of each player in the team is weak, and their teamwork is sketchy. Even if the strategy is a common one, without proper team effort and the will to win the game together, the effectiveness of the strategy is nil. Bolton Wanderers Foot Ball Club has also employed strategies and has drilled it to their members, whether they are a part of the official team or not. Strategies can give teams a huge advantage on the attacking and defensive styles while on play. The coach will be the one choosing a strategy bearing in mind two factors: perceiving the weaknesses and strengths of the opposing team and knowing the strengths of each of their own players.


This is a strategy created to give the team players greater control over the game. The system short passing is utilized throughout this strategy, sometimes combined with the slow tempo, in order to reject the opposition’s possession over the ball. This strategy is also considered highly technical, which requires players that are very skillful and has good awareness over the team when they are out playing in the field.                Srategies

 Long Ball

Among all strategies in football, long ball is the most basic of them. The ball is passed on from the defense position to attack position in a situation where players can directly maneuver their play. This is accompanied with long and lofted passes, which sometimes bypasses altogether its midfield. This is most effective at times when the entire team possesses the physically strong and tall striker or forward. This player utilizes their strength and height in order to gather the long ball or get the ball to directly pass it on to a supporting player.

 Wing Play

SrategiesThis strategy concentrates on playing on the ball down wide on two sides of the field. Two of the major reasons that this strategy is implemented are: teams that have talented and quick wide midfielders or wingers are given more opportunity with the ball so that they can maximize the strategy’s effectiveness. The second reason is when the coach spots a weakness in their opponent’s defense, which can be exposed by attacking down with the wings.

 Counter Attack

This strategy is highly effective on teams that have players who have very fast attacking Srategiesskills. This is implemented as the weakness has been exposed, and the opposing team has let down their guard, even for a tiny second. The defending team will move forward in the fastest way possible in an attempt to catch the opposing team off guard.

 Bolton Wanderers Foot Ball Club has also familiarized themselves on other strategies, which include Overlap, Closing Down, and Offside Trap. There are times that no matter how effective and smooth going the strategy is during the game, one player down may have a negative effect on it, bringing the other players down.