Knowing What Football in the UK is Different

FootballPlaying football in the European soil is quite different from that in the US. One is how football is addressed to soccer, while in the US it is referred to their rugby game. Soccer or football is a very famous sports game that involves a lot of concentration, footwork, team effort and effective strategies. Just last year, the defeat of Brazil’s national football team was something never in their wildest imaginations that would happen, to think they would be defeated with a shocking score of 7-1, a record never seen before. Right now, Germany has taken the spotlight, while Brazil suffers defeat. But that is one of the old football news.

 In Bolton Wanderers Foot Ball Club, they follow the same rules and laws imposed on football all over the UK. They are officially named as “Laws of the Game”. The entire laws are described in detailed in FIFA’s official website, which goes about 150 pages. The laws total to 17.

 Field of Play – this is the field where the teams are going to play football. It can be done either on an artificial surface or a natural one, but it must come in a rectangular shape and the color green. The 2 long sides of this shape are called the touchlines, while the shorter ones are called goal lines. Just like basketball, the field is divided in half by its halfway line.

 Number of players – a single game comprises of two teams battling each other. Each team has a total of 11 players, Footballincluding the goalkeeper. The game will not start if either of the team has lower than 7 players.

 Ball – spherical shape, which is made of leather, measuring about 68 – 70 cm circumference with a specific pressure.

 Referee – the one who oversees and ensures the Laws of the Game.

 Equipment – all players are required to wear the proper uniform of their designated team: shinguards, footwear, stockings, shorts and a pair of jerseys.

 Asst. Referees – there are some games that have another referee, but it can only be at two assistant referees.

Football The entire game’s duration is played in two halves, each game lasts for 45 minutes. The interval of the half time should not exceed 15 minutes. But there will be exceptions, especially when it comes to the welfare of the players. The kickoff starts the play or when the goal has been made. The kickoff is done by one player, which is kicked forward from the center spot. This is when they start playing and applying the strategies their coach have given them.

 The sport of football can be either deadly or an enjoyable game. Many countries all over the world spend a fortune just training its players to become the best. This is why you witness some of the players crying when they are defeated in an international game because they treat this sport as their own religion. If you want to join a football club, try to find out if you are qualified for one.