Casinos And The Coushatta Reservation

Phelps,”The Casino, the Coushatta, along with the Community: Road to Riches or Road to Ruin?” Touchstone. This short article by Karla Phelps assesses the political and socioeconomic influence that the Grand Casino Coushatta has had around the community in Allen Parish and the Coushatta reservation. Phelps discusses the Status of Allen Parish and the reservations prior to and following the introduction of the gaming establishment. Allen Parish has been an agricultural community. Some of the issues in Allen Parish have been a reduced per capita income and sales tax earnings. Their infrastructure has been in bad state and they had no earnings to fix the infrastructure. Allen Parish had unemployment levels of 14.2percent in 1994; along with the Coushatta needed a 50 percent unemployment rate, based on the 1990 Census. Welfare dependency was caused by the unemployment rates one of the Coushattas and individuals at Allen Parish here

This is the condition of the Coushatta tribe along with Allen Parish if a Nebraska programmer pleaded to start the casino. The Casino has given an economic boost. For instance, unemployment dropped by 14.2percent in 1994 to 5 percent in 1998. Also tax earnings have grown by 70% since the launch of this Grand Casinos Coushatta. Property values enclosing the Casino have improved appreciably. The Casino has drawn on more companies to the region, like restaurants and hotels. The Casino has spurred population increase in Allen Parish as individuals relocate to benefit from new project opportunities. 20 million per month. Their prosperity has enabled the Coushattas to increase their booking in various ways and invest in additional small business opportunities, including a hotel, a resort, and a golf program. The Coushatta reservation currently has a Complex, with a game room, living room, gymnasium, spa, and other comforts. The Coushattas built new home units, and also built a Medical Center to provide services to the tribal members and mended existing ones. The Coushatta tribe’s members get a payment in the Casino’s gains to their advantage; minors’ talk of these obligations are held until they come naturally. The collaboration between Allen Parish along with the Coushatta Tribe at the evolution of the casino was advantageous to all parties. Allen Parish is currently a tourist attraction, that continues to increase in size and people. The casino also has also brought political capacity and economic wealth .

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