IOS apps like PUBG, Spotify Tinder go down, know what was the reason !


IOS apps:- Recently this month many of the Iphone users reported a problem that applications such as PUB-G, Spotify and tinder were not working along with some other minor applications, The Downdetector app also told that all of these apps were working fine but some problem has been going on and these apps were not working properly, even Pub-G’s official Twitter handle reported that their app is working fine and if there was any issue of such sort then it was resolved, Still some people are facing the same issues again and again.

IOS apps
IOS apps

The pretty popular applications such as Spotify, Tinder, Pub-G mobile and along with that pinterest and other applications on the Ios system were not working and even if being opened they were happen to crash, And due to this particular problem various ios users were and are still not able to gain access to these apps and the apps seem to just crash every time the users launch it.

About PUB-G Mobile being Down :-

The Pub-G mobile is the most popular game in the market be it as Android or in Ios apps, This game is extremely popular among the youth and as the game was crashing for people on ios, many youngsters even went furious on the social media commenting about the problem they were facing and it was a pretty big issue, Various users went to Twitter, some went to reddit and started posting their outrage over there, The Pub-G Official Twitter handle reported to this incident saying that

PUB-G Mobile
PUB-G Mobile

“Currently, this issue is impacting a majority of the apps and games. We are actively working with related platforms and supporting to solve the problem. Please stay tuned for updates and thank you for your understanding and patience!”

The Reason Behind these apps being Down : –

As people checked and information recieved from the Downdetector software it has been noted that these Ios apps such as Pub-g Mobile, Spotify and even pinterest are being down for the players/users. The appropriate reason still remains a little mystery, but it has been said that the reason could be the SDK of Facebook that is used by numerous apps to log-in . As we all know the software development kit is used in many apps and Facebook is the most common app along with google that people use to log-in and thus many suggest that this could be the reason behind the entire scenario.

Facebook’s Verdict on SDK Fixing :-


The problem is a huge problem, not just for the users but also for the Companies of these Ios apps be it Spotify, Tinder, Pub-G or even pinterest that their business is going down and at the same time users are not able to enjoy.

Their favorite applications even though they have spent so much money on an Iphone, And still the news remains unheard and there is no verdict yet from Facebook’s side And facebook has not yet even reported that when the SDK will finally be fixed, and people along with developers have noted that many reasons of apps crashing were there in IOS and further updates will be given once Facebook Fixes the SDK for its Ios apps.