Pure Gold X10 Beads

Stimulate Your Ass with Our 10 Graduating Beads That Leave Every Spot of You Canal Stimulated
? The toy is unisex
? Have 10 graduating beads that are highly flexible
? Contains no latex and no phthalates
The Pure Gold X10 Beads are designed in such a way that each of the ten beads is flexible enough to allow smooth insertion and proper filling. It has a finger loop that offers easy removal of the beads and prevents too deep penetration.
If you are a lover of anal play, then Pure Gold X10 Beads is a must have for you. This toy is extremely user friendly and ideal for a wide range of experience, the tiny beginner bead allows for gentle, easy entry, while incrementally larger sizes and a Babydolls dramatic taper before and after each stretches and stimulates the sphincter and anal canal. For maximum pleasure add any water based lubricant of your preference.
The fact that the beads are made of silicone material makes them flexible, and the beads gradually increase in size ensures that all the nerves in your anal canal are tantalized and stimulated to produce the best sexual experience ever.
Whether using it for solo play or with a partner, these gold beads will never fail to deliver maximum pleasure. Always use water based lube before you begin to get even more pleasurable sexual moments. The toy contains beads that have a circumference ranging from 1.2 to 3 inches, and the finger loop allows you to control your sexual pleasure by inserting as few or as many beads as your ass can accommodate depending on what gives you optimal pleasure. It has an overall length of 10.25 inches with 12 inches insertable.
After every use, ensure to clean your toy in warm soapy water and completely dry it before storage.